Just another day?

Just this morning I was wondering if the rest of my life was going to be like this. I get up, I get ready, I feed the kids (puppies, chickens, cats, horses and other miscellaneous creatures) and I drive to work. My drive to work is exactly 4.7 miles. It's a wonderful moment to listen to my favorite praise song and group my thoughts for the day. But, this morning, I found myself thinking of the routine I have become so entrenched with.

This routine is honestly a HUGE blessing in my life. I no longer have to endure a 40 mile drive through traffic and involving the ever rising price of gasoline. I no longer have to struggle to get to work on time if there is some accident on my way or in my way. I can simply call the wonderful boss God has blessed me with and explain the situation and get there when I can. The one thing I have never done right in my entire life was venturing to ask my potential employer whether or not the "atmosphere" at this new position was a "Christian" setting. I quickly learned THIS setting was not only a Christian setting but that faith, Love of God, and Biblical principles were the priorities in this environment. What a blessing indeed!

But, today, for some reason, I was simply in a melancholy state of mind and could not see the blessings despite the effort to reflect on God and the song I was playing. I came to work, I logged in and began editing the project I have managed to cause to be a never ending effort. Just a while ago, the usual round of business license applicants arrived at my office and I told myself to put on the smiley face and reflect faith and love. Much to my surprise and amazement, the child that the lady was holding was not a child at all. It was a baby Japanese Snow Monkey! What an amazing revelation. This non-human child of theirs was in my office. A creature I have only read about and longed to be able to experience had just walked through the door with it's parents and I was fortunate enough to be the person with whom they needed to speak.

Of course, they wanted to talk business but in all my excitement I completely forgot why they were there and began pleading to be able to touch, hold, play with and experience this child of theirs. The child was ever so willing to share in my excitement and we began shredding papers together, bouncing on the chair, opening drawers and just exploring the personality that each other presented. Her name is "Miracle" and that's just what she afforded to my otherwise dull day! Two hours later they left my office - only after I paraded them through the other offices and made sure to laugh at Miracle stealing my boss's reading glasses from her face. My boss laughed the loudest.

It took a miracle today- Miracle the little Japanese Snow Monkey- to pull me out of my melancholy. What a revelation that was. A creature that God blessed this world with - put here for OUR amusement and entertainment - to serve us reminded me what I am to God. I am just the same to Him. I am His creature. I am here to serve Him and for no other reason. He can take me away in a split second or He can leave me here blessed or not blessed to continue in my service. What a dishonor it is to Him for me to become selfish and greedy with my time to the point of expecting anything more than the very breath he gave me! What a dishonor to my very life to believe for one minute that each second that I don't put forth my best effort is my right!

Miracle has gone home with her parents now. But the miracle of her existence and of my experience with her lingers on. The remainder of this day will be blessed just by the fact that I met her at all! The remainder of my life is blessed by the very fact that I am forgiven even for my selfish moments and my failures to acknowledge my Lord and Savior. I thank God for this day and for the disrupted routine. I thank Him more that the routine exists at all.

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