Rainy Days and Mondays

There are two things I always like - rainy days and Mondays. Oh yes, there is a song about that! Except in the song, the writer is whining something about how life really takes over and drags them through the mud or something along those lines.

Mondays don't get me down. Sometimes I am completely convinced that Mondays do not like me. I mean, I don't hate Mondays, but they seriously loathe the fact that I show up. Rainy days are the days when I unwind and relax. Even if I am working, the rythm and the melancholy of the rain and sometimes thunder and lightening create an atmosphere where I am able to relax and reflect. Instead of that undying urge to get outside and create a garden or soak up the warmth of the sun, I am resolved to being indoors which gives me the chance to catch up on things that need to be done indoors. Sometimes, I just get a chance to lay back, close my eyes and listen to God's glory chiming upon the metal roof.

Today was both. I woke to a downpour rythmically pounding the metal roof. At first I considered calling in sick and just lazing about the house. Then, I realized that it was also Monday and that's the one day that I refresh myself at work - I plan my work so I can work my plan the rest of the week. It's "do over" day for all the things I may have gotten wrong the previous week. It's the time to come back from a brief break and refresh my mind regarding projects left behind and those yet to be begun. Besides, I'm not sick and I'm not sick and tired of anything.

Do you ever wonder if God counts the days of the week? Does he finish Friday and think "woo hoo - this weekend is all about me - ME ME ME!" Does he sit and wait for us to show up on Sunday and count the heads and prayers to establish some baseline for the next week's soul harvest? Does he take Saturdays and say "well...it's been a long week, time for a nap, prayers can wait until tomorrow."? I can't imagine a world where God actually did that.

God gave us Saturdays to rest. I think he actually gave us Sundays to rest and originally designed Saturdays for praise and worship (sabbath). This leads me to a new research venture. I must further study the days of the week according to the Bible. Woo hoo - see - Monday inspiration!

I see and hear so many people who dismally approach Mondays and then carry their attitudes over to Tuesday and Wednesday declaring Wednesday as the day they are NEARLY through the week. I just wonder - is life so bad that we count it day by day and consider simply getting through the day a significant achievement? I too am guilty of this sometimes, but then I realize that each day and each moment has been gifted to me and I just want to sing, dance and praise Him for the day. Fortunately, the general population is not subjected to the torture of my voice, but yeah- sing and sing loud! Even those days that seem to never end - with projects that seem to challenge us to the lengths of our patience and capabilities - are days that are gifted to us. If I look closely enough, there is opportunity even in the failures that result from those days. If I look even more closely, those failures or disappointments are very often the result of some action or lack thereof on my own part.

So, rejoice people! It's Monday. Bonus for me - it's a rainy Monday. Woo hoo.

Robbi McKenzie

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