What is Tomorrow?

Yesterday I had the opportunity to reflect on miracles and Miracle. What a glorious opportunity to a simple country girl to hold, play with and experience the glory of a little creature from another part of the world!

This morning I am still in a state of reflection. I am a procrastinator by nature. If it can be put off, I can put it off! If it can wait, it usually will for me. It is a daily exercise in character and commitment for me to complete certain tasks I find menial and boring. The sense of victory upon their completion is amazing. So, I am learning to discipline myself towards not putting something on the corner of my desk but finishing it after I have begun. I am enjoying the rewards of that discipline.

With all this effort towards accomplishing today, what is tomorrow for me? I think the answer to that question is one of the easiest I have ever attempted:

Tomorrow is the opportunity to recover from my failures of today.

Tomorrow is the day I can start something new and see it to completion

Tomorrow is the promise that life will continue if not for me for everyone else. That being said, tomorrow could be the day I meet my Lord and Savior.

So, what about tomorrow? Am I ready to start the new day? Have I spiritually prepared myself for the opportunities that day represents? There are two potential opportunities. Either I wake up and face the drama of another day which makes me ask - Am I ready to let His light shine through me.? Have I prepared myself through scripture and example to represent Him if by only living a wholesome life and glorifying him through it? Will God be pleased with who I am and how I go through my day?

The second opportunity is the most frightening yet the most rewarding one any person can experience. If I don't wake up, if I am gone from this earth forever, have I prepared my daughter to know that I am in my final home - a mansion with many rooms! Will she know that her destiny is the same as mine and live her life in full expectation that we will meet up in the most happy reunion? Will my example in this world have lead and encouraged her to seek Him out?

When I get there, will I EVER be able to get off my knees knowing my unworthiness and not wanting to look Him in the eye? Will I be able to accept that all the things I have done in my life and been forgiven for lead me to a place where I only wanted to glorify Him? I doubt it but the glory is that it won't matter there. He has forgiven me and I will be able to see the holes in the hands that prove to me what He was willing to do for me.

So, what is tomorrow? Tomorrow is quite possibly the greatest adventure I will have ever experienced - no matter how it turns out.

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