Ahh Monday!

It's Monday! I say yaaaay as I try to find my routine again. I love weekends - those days when I do what ever it is I want or need to get done but I also love weekdays when I come to work and do something productive for someone else!

Yesterday, after the storms passed, we braved the warm winds and planted our garden. We are "late" this year by comparison to past years and it felt oh so great to be in the sun and wind with dirt up to our knees and elbows. My husband and I work quite well, he tills and marks the rows, I put the plants and seeds into the ground. It's a wonderful quiet that we experience knowing what needs to be done by whom next. It's a wonderful time to reflect on a union that God gave us that continues to bless my life nearly 20 years later.

When I plant my garden, I get to witness the growth of new life. That new life produces nourishment and joy for me as it matures. I then realize that the seed of the Holy Spirit has been planted in my life and I hope as that growth matures, God gets the same pleasure from me as I get from my garden.

I have to work daily to keep the weeds and bugs and vermin out of the garden. I have to make the same effort in my spiritual life. God gave me His Word as fertilizer and His Son as the water that washes over me. Fortunately, He also gave me a soul so I am more than nourishment and entertainment for God. I am an integral part of his kingdom, an everlasting spirit, and a blessed inheriter of all His promises. I only hope when I mature that I am as productive in His garden as those vegetables are in mine!

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