Full Moon

Last night was a full moon. I love how the moon sheds a different bright light on the world, revealing images and little treasures you never see by the light of day. The shadows become lifelike during a full moon. It's an awesome thing to witness.

My puppies/kids are now 12 weeks old. They have gone from fitting two at a time in one hand to so large and heavy I can barely lift one of them. Yet they still love to be held and cuddled as if they were newborns. I am their mother, their safe ground, and the source of nourishment. They simply want to be near me though they are choosing my daughter and husband as their buddies and playmates. They still come to me when they are hungry or afraid or in need of a bit of reassurance.

The other aspect of a full moon - it scares little puppies - even gigantic puppies are afraid of the shadows. So, at 3:00 this morning, they let me know they were afraid. First they pawed at the back door - managing to wake us up. When that didn't work, they more intently clawed at the back door. Finally, after nearly breaking the glass, my husband gave them each a shot from the dreaded skirt bottle! This was horrific! They were faced with either braving the shots of the water/vinegar mixture or with braving the world of shadows beyond the back porch! Apparently, the shadows had invaded their sleeping quarters as well.

It took a few more squirts from that bottle but they finally retreated to their bed. Husband and I settled back in to grab what little sleep time we had left and just as we layed down....ahh...sll....WHAT - they learned to howl. This wasn't just a "I wish I had someone to play with howl" this was the end all of all sounds. It began as a whine - almost at a level un-noticeable to the human ear but it ended with a howl that made the skin on your back jump back and forth- sort of like hearing me sing in church - that unbelievable off pitch sound that I intend to be music. Only in their case, it wasn't intended as music. They were miserable and they wanted everyone to know it.

Our new plan was to IGNORE them. Yes - IGNORE the most disturbing noise ever to leave a dogs mouth and pretend they don't exist. Oh- that was easy - sure it was! It was soon 3:30 and they began to lose their voices. By 4:00, they turned from howling to blundering into stuff under the house - water lines, cables, floors - anything that they could find to blunder against. Those shadows must have still been chasing them.

At 5:00 I caved. I opened the back door and they literally fell onto the rug. They ate a bit, shook the bed a bit. Tormented the cat a bit, ate a bit more and then laid down to play with the toys the cat hates for them to have. They were happy/safe. I think we were all exhausted.

These kids of mine have been quite the adventure since rescueing them from a dying parent. They are now almost dogs and I forget that they have yet to transition to the role of defender that their parents played in our lives. In those big ole bodies, they are still tiny little puppies who need to be reassured that a shadow is safe and that they are still welcome. I love how they still need me. But, my husband-their father - is not quite so thrilled.

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