Mother's Day

I think Sunday is Mother's Day. It's a great time to stop and thank our mothers for bringing us into this world and not subsequently taking us back out when they realized we are just rebellious sons and daughters!

To me, it's an even better time to thank God once again for the world we have. He gave me a mother that I cherish and a grandmother who was my mother's mother I adored. They have handed down to me tradition, wisdom and skills that make me part of who I am today. I am attempting to pass that down to my daughter.

The most important thing they gave me was faith. Despite my rebellion and insistence that life was too hard, they embedded in my very being the knowledge and understanding that there is but one God and there is but one way to get into His Kingdom. This wisdom brings an even greater understanding and appreciation to me for a mother who never saw a Mother's day but witnessed her son - God's very own Son- die a most horrific death. That Son paid the penalty for me and everyone else ever considered a part of God's creation.

So, Sunday, as my daughter honors me (her very existence is the honor) and I honor my own Mother, I pray that Mothers across the universe remember to honor the faith and conviction of a mother thousands of years ago - a child - who gave birth to a child who gave life to me!

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