About once or twice a year, I become a rebel. Many already know my great acts of rebellion. I have parked in someone else's undesignated parking spot, creating chaos at City Hall as everyone tries to realign their routines and adjust to my interruption.

I have moved the lamp on my desk to the left of my computer instead of the right - it's in the view of others this way, disrupting their ability to see me and out the window behind me. Once, I drove without my seatbelt! Sometimes, just to assert myself, I sit in my husband's recliner. This alway erupts turmoil in the household as he tries to re-establish his dominance knowing that my act has fully challenged him.

I am feeling a rebel spirit arising again. As I was driving to work, at the same time, parking in the same place I have parked since I worked here, I began to feel it. I am not a robot! I am not a sheep! I am an independent, strong willed southern woman and I want the world to know it!

So, I am sitting behind my desk barefoot! That'll teach them! And at lunch, I am going to order a hamburger instead of pasta! I may get the REAL rebellious and go home five minutes early. Then, I may park my car where my husband usually parks his truck. I may even let HIM fold the laundry tonight!

The possibilities are endless. It's Friday and I have an entire weekend of rebellion I can plan out. I will have to be creative since my last rebellions are now anticipated. Oh the fun this could be.

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TRT said...

I like this spirit of yours! But I am stuck on this latter part of your comment,” I am not a robot! I am not a sheep!” I have been setting here for a time now and keep going back to this biblically. I would like you to ponder over this word (sheep) for a bit.

God Bless…