And the day goes on...

"If you don't come git yer horses, I'm gonna call the law!" That's the statement I heard about an hour ago. I JUST wrote this morning about my horses being in my way, How could they possibly get in the way of anyone else between this morning and one hour ago? Ugh- those horses are going to be the death of me.

I drove home. It is only 200 degrees outside. I pull into the driveway and set out walking. My neighbor has had issues with them before. She's an elderly woman with a litter of sons who are intent of creating enough deer feed plots to attract the deer from a five county area. Unfortunately, my horses and Pete's cows truly LOVE all the sweet items they plant. Even knowing this, I could not imagine my horses traversing the new fencing between our places.

I walked the back 30 inch by inch, sweat dripping off me, my clothes now clinging to my body, my hair looking as if I just stepped out of the shower -I am quite sure the smell revealed the shower was not the source. She must have been right, there were no horses in the back 30. I was going to have to get in the car and drive down to the corner and find them.

As I was heading back to the car, I passed the old covered deck that once belonged to the now removed house trailer (oh the joys of building). That deck was built with 4 x 4's set in two feet of concrete. It's been put together with three inch screws because we all know that three inch screws and two feet of concrete will not budge. And you know what? When we sold that trailer and they moved it, that deck didn't move. But, that's another piece of drama for a later date.

As I was passing that deck, I noticed a strange movement out of the corner of my eye. I normally try not to look at it because it brings a few ill feelings towards the contractor who built it so soundly (husband) and the fact that it will now sit there until the end of time, as if it fell off a house and landed in the middle of the field. But, that's another piece of drama for a later date.

That movement on that deck was four tails moving in unison from four horses standing head to tail so to keep the flies off one another. Not only had they not escaped, they had managed to go up the steps onto the deck which is four feet above ground because it was best to build it high to prevent rotting from underneath so it will last forever in the middle of field looking like someone forgot to finish whatever the project was (but, that's another piece of drama for a later date) They seemed quite content and I didn't really want to stare at the monstrosity too long or I would have keyed the contractor (husband's) car on my way out the driveway, but I am still trying to figure out how many mid day breaks they may be taking there. Perhaps there is a use for it after all. I will add that ONE use to the list of a million reasons it was stupid to build it beyond the state's code so that it would last forever when what it was there for was never intended to stay for long. (the whole other drama for other day argument once again presents itself).

The good news is a person WILL eventually cool off after being in 200 degree heat. The other good news is my horses are not to blame for today's raid of the beloved deer buffet next door. (Funny how they prefer my salt licks to all the delicious items on that buffet). The best news is that I now get to defer the hostility to my ex-bootlegging neighbor and he gets to deal with the aftermath of his cows destroying another portion of the buffet. At least we can stick together. Perhaps his cows need to come to my house and get on the deck. It would hold them. It was built....but, that's another drama for another day.

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