I would like to thank...

This was one of those "I would like to thank the academy" weekends. I think we've all had them. Have you had those mornings where you wake up and you can hear the thunder. You can even smell the rain. The dogs shiver in dread. The horses head for the barn but then, as quickly as it seemed to be coming, it vanishes! That's a wonderful experience. I was all ready for the rain, the thunder and the lightening. We had work to do but it was indoors, so we really were not too concerned.

First, though, instead of heading to the jobsite, we hit the local Waffle House. I do not mind one bit being a living advertisement for that establishment. It's the one place left in the world where you can sit, have coffee and tea served to you, eat delicious breakfast entrees or dinner entrees and then just chat for a while without the stress and pressure of turning the table for the next customer. Wait, it's one of two places - our local dinery "Sit n Sip" can match them in quality of service and food any day. But Saturday it was that Fiesta Omelette that was calling my name!

Our waitress this Saturday was an "old timer". She was a tried and true establishment in this facility and her daughter was quickly training to be her sidekick. They made a great team and a most entertaining demonstration of teamwork. My husband and I enjoyed sitting, watching and chatting with them. Even the horrid children sitting behind us and their parents who were quite loudly arguing over the theories of child rearing while the two demonic offspring screamed at one another and eveyone else were minimized by our wonderful waitress.

Where does one get that sort of energy? It's an energy I envy. Our waitress could wait tables, call out an order, smile at hateful parents, joke with other patrons who complained about the distrubance of the unruly children and STILL get us our food faster than any waitress we've had. She even offered to "be looking elsewhere" as the jar of picante sauce that you can't get anywhere else disappeared since they won't sell it into ...well...it was gone when we left the premises. What a gal!

So many times, we fail to notice the people who serve us. Yes, they are compensated and yes, hopefully, we tip them. But do we really NOTICE them. DO we really understand that they have a servants heart and attitude to be able to deal with us day in and day out. It's a gift and it's a gift I rarely demonstrate in myself towards those I am to serve.

So, today I started my work with the memory of a most delightful weekend and a server who made me smile. I hope in the service of my duties, and in the service to my God, I am half as willing to make it all a good day no matter what is there to cause me to trip.

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