My husband is a hot pepper expert. He can take a pepper with virtual flames coming from it and eat along with a plate of beans or other vegetables. He contributes heavily to the profit margins of the paper towel industry due to the fact that he uses a half a roll wiping his forehead and nose while he's eating a meal.

I have made it my mission to find a pepper that he can not take. A few years ago, I bought some plants that said they were Jalepenos. They grew and offered these beautiful red peppers coming from the top of the plant. I KNEW they were mislabeled but could not figure out what they were. Finally, a friend from China identified them as a special variety she used to grow in China. Problem solved, she challenged my husband to try one. He did. First, he began to sweat and then he began choking. Viola! I found a pepper he can't eat. No one can eat them short of my friend from China who consumes them like candy with her meals.

In the past few years, I have also noticed that many products are offering different pepper flavorings - cayenne, tobasco, jalepeno, habenero. I have tried them all or WE have tried them and I have discovered that I enjoy anything with jalepeno flavoring on it.

There are chips now that are specifically "jalapeno" chips. Then there are others that offer the zesty flavoring along with their normal product. As I type this, I have a bag of Jalapeno Cheetos on my desk and am eating them as fast as I can. I have had to take a few breaks to refill my glass of water, but these things are awesome. The doritoes are equally awesome.

A friend of mine has given me several recipes for cooking these wonderful peppers.- you can fry them with cheese, you can put cream cheese on them, wrap them in bacon and cook them in the oven. You can cook them with vinegar and make an amazing "hot sauce" for pinto beans (an all time southern favorite). You can add them to the favorite household recipes and get leftovers when the kids realized you over seasoned your dinner. They don't like them- they can't take the heat I suppose.

You can put them around your garden and the deer will slow in their attacks of your beans and corn. Two yeas ago, I planted a jalapeno plant in a pot under a window and had fresh peppers all year long. It grew like a vine through my mini blinds and became the topic of conversation when company arrived. But finally, the blinds caved in, the plant died and had to be buried and I have never been able to bring myself to planting another one. I just don't want to get that hurt again!

Since the world can no longer safely eat tomotoes, I thought I would make a pro-jalapeno posting. Perhaps having a few peppers will ease the suffering from the loss of tomatoes...except....my favorite is stewed tomatoes with jalapenos.. OH NO...waaaaaaa.

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