Morning Thoughts.

My world is pretty small. I live in a small community right outside a small town. I drive five miles to work. I drive five miles back home. I shop at the local Piggly Wiggly or Dollar General. If I eat out, it's at one of the two local restaurants - Crowe's Chicken and Sit N Sip. A trip to Troy which is 15 miles away has become a major undertaking for me. I just enjoy the smallness of my world.

My fifteen year old daughter is just the opposite. She wants to live. She wants to be a citizen of New York City or some other fast paced environment. She's fifteen- it's what they do at that age. She doesn't realize that life happens everywhere and the best life is the life you make for yourself regardless of where that may be.

I have learned a lot of hard lessons in my life. I have also learned that no matter where I am in this world or in my life, I have Christ to lean on and I am saved only by God's never ending grace. As I look back on my hard times and my good times, there is one central theme - God. In the hard times, I prayed to Him for guidance, help and peace. In the good times I prayed to Him in Thanksgiving. There were those times that I failed to glorify Him in either direction and, looking back, those seem to be the emptiest times I endured. Without a focus on Him, my sense of direction was rather impaired.

So, this morning, as I start what my daughter considers a most boring day, I begin it with a prayer. This prayer will include thanksgiving for all my blessings, requests for protection and hope for everyone else who I can't seem to prove how valuable it is to live a Christ centered life. My peace comes through my prayer or more through the fact that I have a conversation with God through Christ. My life is fulfilled in the knowledge that my salvation is secure. My day is glorified with the warmth of His never-ending/perfect love for me. Oh- to be able to EVER give just a piece of that back to Him.

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Channelofhealing said...

I can congratulate by the Spirit of God that is in us that you do do have a blessed life and Christ is in the center of it all. Contentment is a key factor in a christians life keep up the good work.

Godbless you in Jesus Mighty Name Amen