What makes me sick?

You know what makes me sick? Germs!

That's going to be my answer to everyone from now on when they are so riled by gas prices, food prices, clothing prices, and every other price spiralling us into a depression. Germs make me sick. So what are germs?

Germs are those little things that creep into our lives spreading negativity and disease to a level that we can no longer fight them off. Germs are frustration, disobedience, rebellion (sitting here without shoes again today) selfishness and then, of course, those little things we can't see that get into our system and really cause us to collapse internally. Right now our country is completely infested with germs! We sit and worry about how everything is going to affect "me" and we forget that the old woman down the hill may already be starving. Do we forget or do we just not care? Are we so consumed with fear of losing "our stuff" that we forget someone else may have never had any stuff to lose -so where does today's economy leave them?

I don't have ANY of the answers. What I do have is a desire to live my life on a positive note instead of a daily gloom and doom. For instance, last week my husband lost his second pair of glasses - not his first but his second pair. I had several options and none of them were pleasant economically. However, he has to see so we are having to once again replace them. So, yes, he's a dumb....s but he's the man I love. I suppose I have to do the right thing and give him sight once again or at least let him buy another pair of glasses. I do have the choice you know - I could nag and embarrass and harrass him to the point he NEVER wants another pair of glasses as long as he lives. I can do that - I DO have that kind of power. One thing my mother instilled in me was the supreme genetics of nagging! I can nag a man to the point he will walk straight into a wall! It's the ONE THING in this universe I am near perfect at. If I were to let the gloom and doom overwhelm me, I would be surrounded by people dead from self-inflicted injuries. I would nag my co-workers, neighbors, friends, relatives to the point they would see no use in going on. Then again, perhaps one of the reasons my husband agreed to move to the sticks was the fact that there would be no heavy traffic for him to walk himself into after one of my serious nagasms! That's food for thought.

I am not sick today. I feel quite healthy and restored after a weekend of rest and worship. So, those germs - all of them - have been rejected successfully one more time. I still see my neighbor's suffering and feel pain myself from that. Yes, I suffer and struggle as well, but I don't feel that it's the responsibility of my neighbors and friends to lessen that load on me unless I am willing to do the same for them. I wish the neighbors could be neighbors in today's world instead of competitors for some higher status. I can't fix that except to start with myself (coke commercials now playing in the background). I have to be the antibiotic for the germs that are invading my life and the lives of my family. I chose to protect the wounds with humor, love and dignity. If those are all I have as defenses, I feel like I- will be well protected.

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