The Conspiracy Continues.

The conspiracy continues! The terrorists have now hi-jacked the jalepeno pepper market. I read somewhere that they found one- ONE - pepper with the evil bacteria in it. Well...I'm here to tell you, I think last week I found another one but my body did not completely give in to the evil doers workings until yesterday. Enough said about that one though.

I wonder how often we go into a complete panic regarding these stories and how much damage we do to the livelihoods of others. I still want to know - and if you know please tell me. IF I wash my veggies in antibacterial soap product, will it kill an errant bacteria that may have found it?

Fortunately for me, I grow my own peppers. Unfortunately for me, this year's crop is the "hottest" so far and the last time I tried one, my lips were numb for hours. I didn't get blessed with those luscious full lips such as we see with all the movie stars and I am unwilling to walk around with my lips appearing to be wrong side out, so it's not a big deal if they get numb short of the fact that it prohibits me from talking. My husband says that's actually a bonus.

I'm a rebel though and I don't keep up with the news, so I bought some product recently that may or may not have had either the evil terrorist attacked tomatoes or the evil terrorist attacked peppers. Either way, I can testify -it's an evil plot! There is still debate regarding my "condition" as it now seems to be leaving me after about a week. Some say nerves but rebels have nerves of steel. Some say imagination but we won't go there except to say it's not. You can't imagine this stuff. Some say "just quit whining and be a big girl!" I have an response to that too but I can't put it in print and it would completely destroy what little testimony I may have left.

I am grateful that I am safe, fed and blessed with shelter. So many these days worry about just those minor essentials. When I look at the bigger picture compared to my last 24 hours, I realize that my last 24 hours are a cake walk. How many times do I whine and complain when I really have nothing to rightfully complain about? If we look around, do we see suffering in our lives or do we see a chance to learn a new lesson? Do we see the suffering of others through our own or do we only see what we need in this world?

I suppose in times of immediate grief or pain, we are incapable of seeing past that or through it, but what about those other times?My needs may come first but once I eat and am warm, should I concentrate on the next big "thing" I want or should I first check to see if my neighbor is going to make it?

Today for me is a wash. I was sick yesterday and I am simply relieved I am not sick today. So, it's a small opportunity for me to think about life and all these little things that I seem to miss when I concentrate on the big things. I hope this day is a blessing for everyone else. Waking up this morning was a blessing for me.

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