I'm Getting Old!

You know you are getting old when...

I think I say this on a daily basis now. I could finish it SO many different ways, but today I am going to finish it with ...when it hurts to move!

I have always been an active person. Even now, I consider myself exercising with my evening walks and I don't sit still for long unless I am caught up in some project here at my desk. Sure...I used to swim, scuba, stay on the go, travel and these days I have definitely curbed many of those activities. But I still work the garden, walk, do stuff around the farm and so on. I did not think I had slowed down that much.

This weekend, I assisted with the painting of a young couple's living room. She picked out the most incredible "apple red" that took courage and an eye for decorating I do not have. It made her living room look awesome with the muted tones of her furniture and decorations. Getting it on the walls was not that much trouble either. I only had to step up a couple of steps on the ladder designed for ease of use and then roll the walls. Cutting in around the baseboards was as easy as sitting on the floor with the paint can and scooting along the walls. It just was NOT that much trouble.

It did take us several hours as this room was rather large, but the end result was awesome. We went home Saturday with a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction for a job well done. Sunday morning I awoke to pain! Yes people- pain - from the bottoms of my feet to the top of my neck. When I raised up out of the bed, my muscles (or apparently what little is left of them) screamed at me. When I stood up, my knees and other muscles tried to force me back on to the bed. I am a stubborn old gal and I insisted they get me into a hot shower! So, we waddled - me and my aching body - to the bathroom. I immediately became angry with my husband since he can stand and take care of business and I was required to...sit...and then...get back up - OUCH!

The warm shower was very helpful until it was over and then the old body immediately began its second round of protests! I finally got enough anti-inflammatory painkillers (over the counter of course) into my system that I could at least shuffle around the kitchen and get breakfast and feed the animals. Of course, the puppies tried to jump up on me insisting on hugs and kisses and not understanding how difficult it was for me to reach for them.

After breakfast I had a chance to do the one thing any old person should do - sit in the recliner with the remote control in hand. This was a great relief until the genuis I married decided that yesterday was an outstanding opportunity to replace the hardwood flooring in the entranceway. This flooring has needed replacing since Hurricane Ivan flooded the front of the building but for some reason, yesterday was the magic date for the effort. We had gotten a real bargain on some replacement tongue and groove flooring - a contractor had it left over and it had been sitting in his shop for something like - twelve years - so he gave it to us. After putting together the first section which took a good hour or so, we realized that you should not let this flooring sit for twelve years since it then become warped and uncooperative.

We/HE finished the flooring around 8:00 last night. I gave up around 2:00 after I could no longer get up and down off the floor - the old body just refused to allow anymore abuse. I believe it took some hammering, some screws and some special secret glue to make it all come together but this morning it was awesome to see instead of the rough flooring that had been there. I saw it about 30 minutes after I managed to once again roll myself off the bed and somehow straighten myself out to full height.

I always thought mid-40s was a time to re-establish your youth and insist you were not old. I have decided that this is a myth started by those who have made it to the 50s and love to see the rest of us suffer! Today I am going to buy a cane. Then, I am going to gracefully sit down and never do a bit of work again. Maybe I will sit down and eat all the pasta I can find - but then I would have to go to the kitchen to clean up the mess. It's a no win situation for me I can tell. I may insist on a remote control wheelchair and a handicapped parking permit. Perhaps I can get a home health nurse to come and take care of me. I am quite certain that any more physical effort on my part will cause my muscles to completely give up and shut down.

Listen up all you people in your late 30s- it's over! Once you make it through those prime years, you are done! You have nothing to look forward too. The least amount of physical effort will put you into pain you never knew even when you were young and trying out new athletic efforts! You can't claim wisdom either as I have it on good authority that I'm dumb - my 15 year old has realized that she now far surpasses my intellectual ability.

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