Another week

And Friday rolls around....

This has been a rather uneventful week on the farm. Well...Minnie the blind horse got into the garden and ate the last of the bean crop. It's o.k. because the crop was nearly gone but she also stomped on the squash and ate a few ripe tomatoes. Rocky sounded the alarm and we quickly got her back out of the garden. What amazes me is she is blind - she has partial site in one eye - and she's the only horse to figure out how to get into the garden. Then again, she's the only horse to figure out how to get out of the field and eventually lead the others through the breach in the fence. She's a crafty girl to say the least.

Since she's always in trouble, Minnie has taken to simply taking flight from us everytime she sees us. She canters a few paces away and then... passes gas. Sometimes she passes gas while cantering rendering a rather large sound. It's a horse thing...they tend to pass gas when they are excited or when they are ill with something. Our old gelding Trustee could hold his stomach so full that by the time you got on him, the saddle would roll under to his belly. Our solution with him was to put him on a lung line and make him canter a bit at which point all the "air" would pass from his system and we could then adjust the saddle.

I stayed in the house as Dave ran outside to try to salvage the garden and the sound effects from the events that followed were quite entertaining. Dogs were barking, he was yelling and she was running and yes...tooting the entire way! We have now nicknamed her "Tootie".

I managed to get Slow Joe to the vet to get his dipping accomplished on Wednesday. That was a huge achievement. I tricked him and got him in the car but had a bit of trouble because Spin wanted to go too and kept climbing in under Joe and around Joe. I considered letting him ride but then had visions of what he could do to the inside of the car (as if it's not messed up enough) as he waited for me to take Joe inside. So, I left him at home and he cried all day about that.

Our old cat Tigger hid in the house that same day and when we got home from a road trip we had to take, he had managed to either eat or take a bite out of every slice of bread we had. Tigger only weighs close to 24 pounds these days and I have no idea how he got the bread from the top of the refrigerator. I honestly do not want to know but I wish if he were going to rip it open, he would also eat the crumbs he leaves all over the kitchen floor. To debate A.A. Milne - Tiggers ARE NOT wonderful things. The wonderful things about Tiggers is they bounce when you throw them out!

Winnie the Pooh was always one of my favorite stories. Our cat Tigger has completely ruined that for me even though he actually does have the characteristics of the original Tigger only they aren't so cute in real life. So there will be no more guinea pigs pr [pot bellied pigs named Piglet, no donkeys or mules named Eyeore, no rats named Kanga or Roo and no more "Rabbit" creatures. Tigger put the curse on the farm, we can't use that story any longer.

So, another week passes, gas passes and the lesson of the week is to not use anymore storybook character names for animals who may ruin the storybook for us in the long run. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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