Here's a piece of trivia for the wise and culinary ignorant - such as myself:

A Mufetta is NOT a special style of pasta! I repeat - it is not!

This has been a routine item on the local menu and I was convinced that Jamey had realized that pasta should be a staple. Upon calling and asking specifically what it was and ANTICIPATING someone to tell me "oh it's this amazing pasta dish with dozens of kinds of cheeses and spices", I instead learned that it is this boring kind of sandwich with some kind of special meats, olive dressing and something else or the other - you can tell by my description tha it's not as equally delicious as all my co-workers and town residents allege it to be.

I am not sure I have even spelled it correctly as my disappointment has taken nearly two weeks to overcome and I can finally type about it. Oh the disappointment! Will the world never realize that pasta is the life-food of champions!

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