Goodbye Fay

Good bye indeed for Tropical Storm/Depression/Pain in the backside Fay! She's been a real challenge in this particular part of the country. First, she came from the southeast and caught us somewhat by surprise with her wind power Saturday. We had power outages, signs blown down and tree limbs on the ground. This means another couple of hours walking the fences when the climate permits! Yes, I wrote "permits".

So far Fay has still not left our area. Actually, she DID go west of us yesterday and left behind a mixture of clouds and sun - thunder and lightning as well. I love how the world is clean after a day of rain and storms. We live in a rather elevated area, so flooding wasn't our worry. Wind, however is always a worry. We survived. Our sassafras tree lost a big limb. I have decided to test my theory and began cutting the newer growth off the limb to put in water with rooting enzyme to see if I can get something out of the shoots. It's a lovely old tree and I would love to have more of them. As I was cutting, the horses decided to have a taste and they OH SO LOVED the sassafras leaves - especially the ones off my fresh ones. It left their breath all smelling good with a hint of mint scent. Sassafras cuttings smell lovely too so I put a few of them around the kitchen until they get old.

The front door of our "bungalow" which means a cute word for small confine within which we live until the house is finished also developed a leak. I suppose that can happen when rain is driven with a 50 mph force for several hours. It's o.k. We got all the water dried up and placed fans on the carpet. The flooring seems to have survived the abuse once again.

This morning- at precisely 4:00 a.m. our weather alert began sounding the alarm. I recommend one of these objects for all households. If you survive the heart attack from the initial sound of the alarm, you may survive a storm given advance notice. The alarms have been going off pretty routinely since that time. Thanks Fay!

So, as Fay leaves, we send out a note telling her not to bother coming back as we really will not miss her that much.

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