Happy Belated Birthday Mark!

Happy belated birthday to my friend Mark. I sent him an e-mail but forgot to tell him here that I wished him many more! Unfortunately, his favorite food must not be spaghetti but ham with something and pineapples so I had to make my own pot of spaghetti this weekend. I make pretty good spaghetti despite what my husband says. I didn't get to go and sing Happy Birthday to him either - something for which he is very lucky. My singing tends to cause people to flee.

Thinking about missing Mark's birthday, I began reflecting on how much I enjoy the tiny little place he and Jamey have carved out in our little town. They have taken an old hair salon and made it into a quaint and inviting dinery. I say dinery because it's not a restaurant - that would be too stiff and formal and it's not a diner. It's like going home and eating with friends and family in someone's kitchen. Well...there are people who wait on you but they are like family who I am visiting at home. And...unfortunately...when I eat there, I DO have to pay. If I went home Mom would feed me for free or one of my brothers or sisters would! So, come to think of it, maybe it's not so much like home after all! Selfish me says "never go back until the menu says 'free for Robbi"". Realistic me says "that's really stupid and the food is SO worth it!" Besides, they have to pay for that comfortable setting.

On really good days, Mark and Jamey begin quarreling. They haven't perfected the art of quarelling like Dave and I have so cats and dogs don't line up at the back door to feast on the tossed out food. They more just vent on one another about how either one is in the way or not moving fast enough or moving too fast or asking for the pasta because I believe it should be on the daily special list when there is not pasta in the kitchen - pffft- who doesn't ALWAYS have pasta in the kitchen?! O.k. those are not really good days - it's evil of me to say so, but it's refreshing to see I am not the only one who gets tired of someone at work on occasion. And, usually, they offer free food sooner or later if someone says something to them. Unfortunately, I am not good at saying "o.k. guys, you're fussing" so I never get the free food. Once, Jamey even put up a sign that said "if you catch us fussing, you get free food". I spent days concocting accusations to present to one or the other about things that may have been said behind their back. I thought about tripping Mark and making him drop a plate or two and pointing out to Jamey that I thought it was because Mark said his food was not good. I thought about turning off the a/c so Jamey toasted in the kitchen and blaming Mark. But, I can only think up these things unless it's my own husband, so I failed at "Mission Get Free Food".

All things considered, for people who don't get the importance of pasta on the food chain, these two have made a great little restaurant team! They are pretty good for friends as well. They have also built a very fun and efficient staff who also make you feel like old friends. The only downside is I don't always have the time to go and visit and sit for a spell and enjoy a good meal. It's not exactly a place one wants to go to eat and run. It's a place one wants to go to sit and talk and eat and enjoy really good food - lots of it! (let's not forget about all the desserts too!)

Oh - the place? It's Sit n Sip in Brundidge, Alabama. If you stop by city hall, ask for me and I'll show you how to get there. It's just a short walk away.


Nancy M. said...
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Nancy M. said...

Happy Birthday Mark! Sounds like a fun place to eat.