I am O.K.

Good morning world.

This week is STILL a long week. Fay, my friend - NOT - decided to hang out at our place for about oh- say - the last 72 or so hours! First she came through and blew down a few limbs, destroyed a few signs in town and caused a few auto accidents and after about 12 hours just left us with a bit of rain, thunder and lightning. That was fine. We needed the rain and the thunder wasn't that bad.

Then, of course, there was the 4:00 a.m. wake up yesterday by the weather alert and the continual (I DO MEAN CONTINUAL) sounding of the alarm as tornado after tornado alert was resounded in our area and surrounding nearby areas. We survived again - a few more limbs, some signs, some accidents - same story different day. Then the "all clear" was sounded. Fay was finally leaving at aroune 8:00 last night. See....she already left ONCE and then liked it here so much she had to come back on her way back across the country.

Our 2:00 a.m. wake up this morning was a little louder as it began with the thunder and lightning BEFORE the alarm of the weather alert - I think even the weather alert people are tired of hitting that button. So, another slightly sleepless night.

The thing about losing sleep is we have different levels of sleep loss. For instance, when I was younger and would go to the beach and scuba all weekend long, I could drive back home, take a shower and go to work where I was then a clerk/legal secretary. It never phased me. I would go home the next night and crash and be ready by the next weekend for another trip. I was fearless. But...it was fun!

When you lose sleep over worrying, you pretend you are not tired because you don't want people to know how silly you are to let things bother you. When you lose sleep because the baby is teething, you are very vocal about your fatigue because you know the entire universe will feel sorry for you and maybe let you get by without doing a few things during the day. When you lose sleep because you stupidly decided to raise five puppies on a bottle and forgot how much work it is to keep them clean and...fed...you pretend you are not tired and you discover that the extra ten pounds you wanted to lose disappears pretty easily. When you lose sleep because you and your dearly beloved - soon to be departed - husband are disagreeing, you spend the rest of the day reminding him how tired you are and how it is all his fault.

But...when you lose sleep due to weather, there is no sympathy. Instead, everyone else has lost the same sleep more than likely and there is no boundary of understanding. There is only a group of bleary eyed grumpy people who want to rip each other apart if they hear a loud noise. Then, there is always that ONE PERSON who decided to stay home and sleep in and everyone else gets the chance to hate them for being smart.

When I am tired, I tend to mess things up. Then I tend to blame routine mess ups on being tired as well. But this morning, Fay is completely to blame. Because of Fay, the loading ramp to my shed where my feed is stored is somewhat slick. I am tired so I forgot to step lightly. I got TO the feed o.k. and got everyone fed. On my way back, I managed to splatter myself all over the ground. Where one would usually just land on their behind, I decided on my way down that I had a better plan and I landed on sides of my feet, one knee, one hand, one elbow, three cats and one dog! The cats cried, the dog ran under the shed until he realized it was not something he did and then he ran back to check on me/slobber all over my clean body and hold me down with his weight.

I know at this point the suspense is killing everyone so let it be known that I am o.k. I am good but if I were dead, I would not be writing this. The cats are o.k. too as is the dog. I have a bruise of my yittle foot though so you can all go "awwwww- we're sorry!" to make my drama complete.


Nancy M. said...

I'm sorry Fay didn't leave as soon as you hoped. I am glad y'all made it through fine. Sorry about your falls. Hopefully everything will be better now!

Saddlegait www.gottabeacountrygirl.blogspot.com said...

Thank you so much. I think she is heading your direction. Don't you live in the Carolina's? I will pray that you only get the remnants. She's an evil little storm she is.