I Feel So Safe

My bulldogs are now over six months old. At nearly 55 pounds, they each appear to be the lifesavers I always dreamed of. We are beginning to enjoy our evening walks on the farm and seldom miss an adventure. Spin walks in front, Joe walks behind me. Brutus - their father - takes point and sounds the alarm unless Rocky sees something first.

So, last Thursday night, we discovered that our neighbor has moved his herd of cattle into the 90 acre field behind us. Something about cows I find entertaining. They are awkward, nosey, and sort of all sloppy at the same time. Thursday, they were settling in and grazing and checking out all the confines of their new area. One large black cow in particular caught my eye just as I caught hers. She was a huge old cow and grazing pretty close.

Somehow I was first to the fence and I looked at her as she looked up with weeds hanging out each side of her mouth. She froze in place, not bothering to finish or dispose of the weeds and she studied me as I studied her. Who would move first? Would we be friends? Just as these thoughts began to develop, Brutus saw her. The boys had fallen behind checking out some new smell on the ground a few yards back.

Brutus let out the first bark. It was a "should I run or should I stay" bark. He's got experience with horses hooves but it was clear he did not recognize this creature as a horse. I looked back to see what my boys would do - his sons - Diamond's sons - and they had frozen as well. I waited for their protective instincts to kick in. They are still my children but they are becoming my dogs!

Rocky began barking as if encouraging Brutus on. Rocky makes a great toadie for Brutus and usually serves well at keeping Brutus in situations that render him injured. This was no exception. As Rocky barked the boys jumped in unison. First they lunged our direction wanting to see what was up - even barking or woofing a bit. Then, with the second round from Brutus and Rocky - a round that became a temporary charge at this massive cow the boys took off. They ran as fast as they could, never looking back, never even glancing over their shoulder but racing neck in neck until they reached the house where they ran directly under my husband!

I could not contain myself. As I laughed, they ran faster until they disappeared from my site at which point my husband could see them and began laughing hysterically himself. Seeing two huge dogs run full speed for help is just too funny. By then, the cow took a step towards Brutus who realized Rocky was already hiding and Brutus made a calculated retreat.

Cows are such dangerous creatures! I suppose I could say the boys protected me by teaching me just how fast to run to the house in the event of any serious danger. It's o.k. though - I still get a good laugh out of it.

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Nancy M. said...

I love cows! That is so funny. They are so big to be running like babies!