Musings of a Star!

My sister wrote me yesterday - Yaaay for that - and asked my permission to use some pictures I sent her that I had taken when we were children. It made me begin to think how the world has changed. She is going to upload these pictures to her new website once she gets it started.

When I was a kid I had a little 110 camera and my mom probably spent a fortune on film. We learned to mail our rolls in to a wholesale house and get the pictures back for a very small amount. I have albums full of pictures. I would head out with a roll of film and photograph basically anything that I saw. I loved getting those shots back and analyzing my success at capturing the moments. There was "hen laying egg" - "rooster eating corn" - "dog barking to get off chain" - "sister with goat" - "sister with goat again" - "sister still with goat" - "sister loves goat" - "sister and goat together" - yes, lots of "sister with" photos and usually it was our pet goat. There are a few "sister with turkey" - "Sister with chicken" and the occasional "sister with turtle found in field" Everything was photo worthy.

My brother in law is a professional freelance photographer and sister is continually making us these most wonderful animated and musical CD's with old photos, etc. So, I try to send her all of the old ones I can. I know I will get them back and she takes the copies and puts them to good use.

Wait....brother in law is a professional photographer...sister wants "permission" to use a few photos I sent her. Re-thinking this entire situation...this could be a goldmine. My 110 skills were - after all - profoundly high quality if I do say so myself! All those goat, chicken and dog pictures could now be worth...can we say M I L L I O N S! Yes, the world is now about how much we can gain from even the most simple things we used to do for nothing.

Without that camera, I probably would have driven my mother nuts inside the house. I could take that camera and try to capture the world OUTSIDE which was where our mother wanted us. I could take baby sister with me and have even more fun using her as my model. Who knew that I could now get rich from all that? Who knew I would one day be giving "permission" (please include license number on all checks!) for someone to post these spectacular photo's on a website?

As I write this, I realize just how great I am becoming - or how great I have always been considering I took those photo's at the young age of 10 and 11, 12, etc. I was a prodigy and am now going to be discovered!

Finally- the world will know of my greatness! FINALLY, the world will realize that even as a child, I was the most awesome human with a camera ever to exist. They will be so amazed that it was just a 110 as I always knew as a child they would be.

I close this note with a quick goodbye - I have to go dig out all those photo albums and send sister more photos. You will see me in the magazines soon - I just know it - holding those big checks, wearing my bling bling, waving to all my fans, acting ever so humble as I am swarmed for autographs. I will never forget the little people who made this happen!


Jeannelle said...

Cute post! Yes, you'd better keep an eye on what's going on with your photo treasures. Hey, that's great you have family who knows how to put together stories with the old photos. I should learn to do that.

You should post some of your photos here on your blog!

Nancy M. said...

Yay! You're rich! I remember having one of those cameras. I also had some weird camera with a disc or something in it. I would love to see your pics!

mary said...

I think you should post pics too!

Justin said...
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