Our Kings

I was reading my morning devotional this morning and realized there was a deep message. The devotional is covering the kings of the old testament, the good ones and the bad ones and it said "you are only as good as your leader". Then I began reflecting on everything I have been taught about the Bible.

We started out in the Garden of Eden with God watching over Adam and Eve. They sinned, got caste them out and so it began. Of course, even then, we blamed someone else - satan (serpent) for the sin. God made us flawed therefore, we sin. He sent His Son, therefore we are forgiven but I digress.

Generations went on who sought God and His direction directly. They experienced His wrath directly and they worshipped him directly. Then, they began to say "if we only had a King ...someone to lead us/blame we would be such better people". Oh boy...God said "sure, I'll give you a king...we'll start with this guy" and he gave them Saul. And, just as God had expected, power corrupted and Saul became a fallen leader - almost taking everyone with him.

God said "hey, wait...I am going to find you an even more pure king" and he gave them David. After much drama and resistance from Saul, David became King. David sinned as well but he repented - demonstrating to his people the right way to handle things - he lead them but he lead them through direct consultation with God's prophets and teachers. Therefore, all in all, God was still the leader - the one they went to for direction, correction and help.

Generations passed, kings became corrupt, a few cleaned up their acts but God finally let that entire nation take a fall. He simply had to let them learn the hard way...THEN, he sent His Son - to not clean up the mess but to give us a chance at redemption despite the mess.

Fast forward to now. We still want a king - a leader - someone to follow - someone to blame. But, we have failed to insist that the leader we are given the free will to choose seek God's consult, guidance and direction. We have failed to hold ourselves and our leaders accountable to God - to His original rules and principles - to the basic concepts that God left in His Word. We have even taken it further saying "oh God is old, washed up, we can write our own rules - it's more fun that way". And then we wonder why our country, our world - is falling apart.

We have leaders and now we blame them entirely. It may be their fault but it could be our fault for not taking it to the next level and asking them to ask God how to fix things. We don't take it to God enough in prayer about our problems and for our leaders. We simply do not realize the power God holds over our world and His ability to perform miracles and to heal us. We are not seeking salvation but instant gratification.

Boy was God right! If we had just been happy all those eons ago with asking him directly. If we had just realized that He is God and could have handled each and every one of us without a middle man.

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