Dusting off the Old Blog

Time to dust this off! Just a sec...it's really dusty.....O.K.

In the last few months, since this last blog I will summarize if I can.

I found a baby deer a month ago hung in a fence. We named him Buckey and took him to the local zoo/preserve. He is now their featured attraction. We are quite pleased because he has been a gateway for my daughter's internship.

My husband finally gave in to my daughter's continual pleas and allowed her to have a snake for her birthday. She is now the proud owner of a "Spider Ball Python". They are supposed morphs of some kind. She is thrilled. Of course, not to go home empty handed, I am now the proud owner of a bearded dragon and he's a really cool creature.

It's fall finally- yaaay - I am ready for cool weather.

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