Life seems to be passing by so quickly these days. I remember when I was a child I wanted to be older. First, I thought starting school like my brothers would be too cool. And then it happened.

Then, I thought Junior High would solve all my awkward problems. And then it happened. So much for that. But there was still High School and my brothers seemed to thrive in high school. They were not 80 pound weaklings overshadowed by two genuises. Just the same, high school wasn't THAT bad - just typical teenagers. I began to find my footing in life at that point.

College flew by for me. I became socially happy and learned that people liked me for who I am. I could be a simple country girl (and I WAS simple) and people enjoyed me..they laughed anyways.

There are many many stories in between then and now - successes, failures and just days that seemed strange or overwhelming. And here I am!

I am now bordering the big 4 7....yep F O R T Y S E V E N. The funny thing is, I am pretty happy with that. My face has fallen a bit, there are wrinkles, my hair has little glittery stripes in it and I crackle when I get up in the mornings. But this age suits me pretty well!

WHY am I reflecting on it this day? I don't know...I think it's because of this....

I have always been a very cold natured individual. Having been primarily underweight, the least breeze could cut through me like a knife - it still can but I have discovered that I now have the best defense afforded mankind - hotflashes. Oh yes America! Hotflashes can rule when you are climatologically dificient.

It can now be 30 below outside and nature will turn the key...my face begins to feel hot, I get all clammy and I wonder if simply stripping my clothes would maybe not be so disgusting as my daughter says it is! 30 below is a welcome relief. Where I used to run to the a/c controller and turn it up a few degrees, I now run and turn it down and stand over the vent as it begins to cool. I can wake in the middle of the night and run outside to see what the dogs are barking at - even if they are not barking - and not feel the sting of the cool evening on my skin...It's simply relief...until the dogs start barking at me!

The great thing about my hormonal clock is it is turning with the season. Winter will soon be here to welcome my sudden burning flashes and I can embrace her by wearing my shorts and flip flops well into December.

Ahhhh- old age - it's delightful!

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Nancy M. said...

Wow! You are the first person who I have heard of welcoming hot flashes! If you've gotta have them, at least they are coming at a good time, lol!