Lazy, hazy days?....

It is a miserable day outside.  When I left Piggly Wiggly a few moments ago, the little bank sign said it was 103 degrees.  If anyone knows how to use the symbol for "degrees", it would sure save me some typing.  Or would it?  I might end up spending more time trying to get and remember the key combination that it takes.    Either way, the weather outside is frightening and the air conditioner is so inviting! 

It's been a long year for me.   I haven't been around much and hope to resolve that issue.   Well, I have been around, I just haven't been close enough to a keyboard.   I got a good deal on a laptop at the local flea market and thought I would give it a try.  It seems to have turned out to be a REALLY good deal!

The heat is so extreme that it causes the skies to seem blurred.  There is an August haze hanging in the sky even though we are just beginning July.  In the late afternoons, the haze seems to convert to clouds and tease of rain.   But the rain never seems to be released.   It seems only the strongest of anything can survive these conditions...wildlife, dogs, cats, air conditioners, car motors...and temperaments.   It doesn't take much to work up a sweat and become really agitated.  It doesn't take much for the dogs to completely dissolve the clean atmosphere I have tried to create within the walls of this house.   Between the dust they bring in on their fur or the gas they release once they get inside, sometimes feeling sorry for them and allowing them a little cooling time is rather trying.   Then, there is the sense that everything is being intruded upon by their presence and by the never ending presence of one another due to our aging intolerance to these conditions.  My mother's love of the beach doesn't leave me during days like this.  There you always have a breeze or even warm wind.  Here you have still, calm and, what seems like, a suffocating layer of heat being held within the dome of the haze and clouds.

These days are long in every sense.  Every creature waits for sunset just to get what little relief the darkness affords.  I don't think these are the lazy days of summer in as much as they are the sweltering, energy draining days that we are forced to endure.  Then again, once winter gets here and everything turns grey, damp and gloomy, I will be remembering even THESE days fondly.

I hope everyone has a wonderful evening and is able to appreciate whatever trials you are forced to endure.  There will always be a memory and experience created with each one that will strengthen and prepare you for the next one that is around the corner!

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