Summer Already!

Spring just blew past us as does every season since I hit 40.  We had a relatively mild winter short of the four day frozen assault that shut down the southeast for nearly a week.   I had forgotten just how much I loathe cold and/or wet or any combination of the two.  In this part of the country, frozen wet weather means good tidings for the auto body repair shops and debris removal businesses.   

Despite all the threats we withstood this spring, we were spared the most miserable of the storms.  My hometown was not as fortunate.   Homes I remember from the time we moved to Flintville, TN were completely destroyed.   I am forever amazed how the weather takes no prisoners.  It either spares you or it doesn't.  The old farmhouse is still standing.  The homes, trailers and just about anything else that existed prior to the big storm system are now completely gone...some of the homes having been built in the early 1950s.  They lasted until 2014.  That's actually a pretty impressive life unless, of course, you were one of the current owners of said buildings.   

God uses all to His greater glory as was the case this spring as far as I am concerned.   A friend, the FIRST friend I ever had when we moved "to the country" and I have found one another while I was researching the damage assessments.  I forgot just how much I loved this friend.  She was the one who spent hour upon hour with me and me with her while we grieved the passing of her cousin and my dear friend at the age of 13.   She was the one who shared her wild ponies with me when my Daddy would not let me have one of my own.   She was the one whose Mother could tell the most amusing stories of poor country life in times gone by.  

As time passed, Donna and I moved on with our lives in different directions.   I went to college, got a career and eventually got married....once!  Donna didn't take the education and career path but she did get married ...five times!  I am not really sure which one of us has had the most fun in the last 40 years.   I am not sure which one of us learned the most or more productively applied those lessons.   I am only sure that God knew now what he knew then...that Donna and I needed each other...even if these days our interactions are through the internet.  

Back then, when we talked outside of school and our many adventures together, it was through telephone calls...party lines and all.  Now, we talk through the internet...facebook mostly.  But the conversations and amusement we have regarding each others lives hasn't changed a bit!  

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