Bad Dreams

And Like a Bad Dream (I am back):

It's been years...or so it seems since I visited this tiny corner of the web world.   I have learned a lot about the internet since I began this journey of putting my life on a page...one day at a time or week or month or year.   Unfortunately, most of what I have learned about the internet has not been pleasant.   

To start - be careful who you trust and what you put into your computer world.   Those you trust the most or expect the most to be ethical and moral are sometimes the most likely to violent every trust you have afforded them.   Those who seemingly have power over you will be the most likely to abuse that power and that trust you have that at least they won't try to hurt you if you give them your best.  But enough of that.   It's likely that those are the very stalkers who will first read this posting.

Life for me has changed so much in the last few years.   But, life for me has been a changing specter since I can recall.   Now being in my 50s, I find myself looking back on my life and analyzing my expectations of the past.  I don't look upon any of that in disappointment or regret to be honest but with renewed and revamped expectations.  These days, instead of hoping or dreaming of fame and fortune, just a good day with my health seems to satisfy me completely.   

My family is dearer, my child's dreams are more important and my friends are treasures.  In this life I have come to understand that friends are so hard to come by - I think we can count on one hand the TRUE friends we will have in our lives.  If we are lucky, we will count them and appreciate them before we lose them.   That being said, if we grieve over the lack of TRUE friends, perhaps we can focus more on our intentions in that regard.

Stay tuned...life is getting better with each passing day.   I am so pleased to have these days to experience it.   I am truly blessed.

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